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Cleng Peerson Lodge 2017 meeting schedule

Feb 19th at?         Penny Annie, cookies for Birkeberkie

Mar 19th at 2pm                Parson’s Widow

·         Seminary-school graduate Söfren (Einar Rod) can't believe his luck when he out-preaches the competition and receives his first appointment as the new parson of a church in a rural town -- until he hears that his contract will force him to marry the previous parson's elderly widow, Margarete (Hildur Carlberg). Söfren and his beloved fiancée, the clever and beautiful Mari (Greta Almroth), pose as brother and sister, struggling to hide their love as they wait for Margarete to die.

·         1920 Silent Picture. 71 minutes  [Comedy / Drama]

·         Directed by  Carl Theodor Dreyer

·         This film is considered a classic.  Step back in time, see first-hand what the Slooper’s village, church and homes probably looked like.

Submit your scholarship applications before April 1st

Apr 23rd at 2pm Rosemaling

May 21 at 1pm  Syttende Mai Parade in Park Ridge.  Ride in the Norsk Museum’s new Viking ship!

June 3rd 7-10am Norsk Museum Norwegian Breakfast and Open House

June 18th no meeting, Father’s Day

July 16th noon    Christmas in July

Aug 1-3rd              Viking Camp with Polar Star

Aug 20th 2pm     Slooper ppt, presented by Steve Tanda and Dave Johnson

Sept 10 11-5       Vasa Park Scandinavian Day

Sept 17th 2pm    Norwegian Genealogy Workshop. 

·         Bring your laptop and/or research files and notes .  Dave Johnson will help you get started, for you beginners.  For you veterans, Dave will try to help you beak through some of those ancestral brick walls.

Oct 15th 1pm      Cleng Peerson Lodge’s  45th Anniversary Banquet, Pitstick’s $21/plate

Nov 5th 11:30am                Polar Star Hostfest at St. Olaf’s Lutheran Church, Montgomery

Nov 15tg              no meeting

Nov 18th                Smorgasbord

Dec 17th                Christmas Party