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Norsk Museum  

While you're in the area, visit the historic Norway Store, founded in 1848 by Charles Borchenius.   Still operated by the same family 


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Norwegian Genealogy and then some
Genealogy, history and culture from Norway​  (Norwegian Genealogy Dictionary)


Farm names

The two websites below deal with museums in Norway.

Emigration records

The Genealogy Guide

Genealogy Research Strategies


Familysearch BOOKS

​Kendall County [IL],A/1.html

Illinois Marriage Index

Illinois Death Index

LaSalle County Genealogy Guild  [open Monday and Saturday 9-4]

Norway genealogy

Free Newspapers

The Sloopers

Other interesting websites are:​

Arne G. Brekke Bygdebok Collection

​​   - all about the Viking ship that sailed from Norway to Chicago in 1893 for the Columbian Exposition - open this Saturday, September 19 and next month October 17   - all about Norwegian rosemaling in Illinois. There are rosemalers living in the Newark area.  - about the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Chicago = a remaining Norwegian language church   - about the activities and members of the Norwegian National League = Leif Erikson wreath-laying, Christmas Around the World, Norwegian Constitution Day Parade. The Sloopers are members of the Norwegian National League.


Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library

Local Sons of Norway chapters
Home - Polar Star Lodge # 5-472 - Sons of Norway

Cleng Peerson Lodge  # 5-525 - Sons of Norway